Marx, the Artificial Interest

On a lark I did a bit of playing around with Google Analytics, and decided to compare the search volume for Karl Marx versus the volume for Ayn Rand.  What I inadvertently found is revealing.


Notice the highly unstable search volume for Karl Marx and notice the periods in which it peaks and troughs.  Peak search times closely correspond with the length of school semesters.  In September, the Marx search volume shoots upward, peaks in the middle to last quarter of the semester, and quickly plummets at the end of December into early January, due to the winter recess.  School semesters start again, and the Marx search volume peaks in mid spring before bottoming out through the summer.

In other words, the research interest in Karl Marx appears to be entirely artificial.  Marx enjoys a high search rate at certain periods because teachers and professors have assigned his texts and/or mandate research projects on the author.  When school is not in session, his search interest drastically plummets and often dips below the solid and stable volume of Ayn Rand searches.

Moreover, Marx’s volume is on a general downward trend, while Rand slowly but steadily increases in interest.  Good tidings, indeed.

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Fall 2011 Meetings

In fall 2011, the Objectivist Club meets every Wednesday at 8pm in Student Union room 208.

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